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Band-Pass Filter Sweep in Studio One

Studio One has a lot of depth. Sometimes, it also means that you must dig deep to find something fairly simple. I’ve written how an auto-pan feature is “hidden” in the X-Trem (tremolo) plugin. Now it’s time for a band-pass filter sweep.

If you prefer learning from the video tutorials, check out a YouTube version of this here:

Otherwise, here’s the quick walkthrough…

Autofilter is also a… filter

There’s no dedicated simple filter plugin in Studio One. For the most part, this is not a big deal as you can use Pro EQ for your basic low-pass and high-pass filter needs. And even with a static band-pass it’s just a low-pass and high-pass combined.

Band-pass filter in Pro EQ2

It gets trickier when you want that band to move. Sure, you can automate both LC and HC frequencies in parallel. You can even map both to one macro knob and record your filter sweep turning just one knob. It still creates two automation lanes, though. And when you want to edit your automation, you must edit both. Not a massive problem but still suboptimal.

And then there’s autofilter:

Default Autofilter settings

The word “auto” threw me off track for a while. Here it means that the filter moves in sync with some LFO or an envelope. And the default LFO modulation hammers the notion down.

The key here is to realize that you have a control determining how much that LFO affects the filter frequency. And zero is a valid value here. So, you set both ENV and LFO to zero and in place of an “autofilter” you have a normal filter.

Now, you just have to pick one of the filter types in the middle row as these three can be anything from a low-pass to high-pass. Including band-pass.

So, you move a slider to the middle of the scale to make it a band-pass filter and you have your simple band-pass filter UI in the top left 20% of plugins interface:

And now you can automate just one parameter (Filter Cutoff) and make your band-pass filter sweep.

Check out the video version of this tip here and the ever-growing playlist of other Studio One tips.

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