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Studio One Quick Tip: QWERTY keyboard

I’m used to pressing F4 in Reason and getting a QWERTY keyboard that you can use as your MIDI controller whenever you don’t have a real one handy. Surprisingly, I didn’t find one in Studio One 5 when I went over all menus. But then I saw someone using a QWERTY keyboard in a YouTube video which got me curious. And after some more digging I found it.

Here’s a video version of this tip if you prefer to learn that way:

If reading is more of your thing, here’s how to find and enable the QWERTY keyboard controller in Studio One…

Go to Studio One menu, then Options and External Devices tab and click Add.

Surprisingly, the QWERTY keyboard is under PreSonus brand:

Click OK and you can now activate it from the Control block or by pressing Caps Lock:

Check out my Studio One Tips playlist for more useful tips. Also checkout my YouTube channel for other music-making related videos. And don’t forget to subscribe!



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