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The Ultimate Guide to Learning Music Theory

Why learn music theory?

A living guide

A.I.R. — Absorb, Internalize, Reinforce

Absorb: Let the knowledge flow over you

Free content

Structured free courses

Paid (but inexpensive) courses

  1. Music Theory for Songwriters: The Fundamentals by Julian Velard. For a total newbie that I was when I first tried watching this years ago, it got overwhelming pretty quickly. But after I went through a couple of introductory things elsewhere it was quite useful. So don’t start with this if you know nothing yet, but come back to it later in your journey.
  2. Music Theory for Songwriters: Harmony by Julian Velard. A follow-up to the one above so the same applies. Julian covers interesting things but I think at times he forgets about the level of the target audience.
  3. Music Theory for Songwriters: Rhythm by David Franz. This one was really good and to the point. Can recommend it for anyone.

Paid content I haven’t tried yet

Internalize: deepen understanding at your own pace

  1. Music Theory: From Beginner to Expert by Nicolas Carter

Reinforce: Practice what you’ve learned

In conclusion

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