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Who to Follow on YouTube for Studio One Content

When you start using a new complex piece of software like a DAW it’s always a good idea to begin with a comprehensive structured course. For Studio One I can recommend one by Eli Krantzberg on Groove3. But even the best course can’t cover everything. So, once you are done with your introductory material and know your way around Studio One you enter the phase of life-long learning of new tricks, lesser known features, and techniques.

Here’s a list of people and channels to subscripe to on YouTube for your daily dose of Studio One know-how.

The official PreSonus channel

The official PreSonus channel has a ton of Studio One content. Primarily produced either by Gregor Bayerle or Joe Gilder. You can (should?) watch it all but the general rule of thumb would be: if you are more into production and electronic music check Gregor’s videos first, for recording and mixing content go with Joe.

Joe Gilder • Home Studio Corner

Joe Gilder has his own “parallel” YouTube channel with primarily Studio One related content. I don’t know or get the decision process for what goes to what channel but if you are into recording live instruments and mixing you should follow both.

Marcus Huyskens Music

Whenever I search for something specific about Studio One it’s almost guaranteed that I find a video about it by Marcus Huyskens. And these are always to the point. Must subscribe.

Tim Talks Audio

One of the newer kids on the Studio One YouTube block. Tim has a lot of content produced in the last couple of years.

Studio One Expert

Kind of an opposite to Tim Talks Audio, Studio One Expert is the classics of Studio One YouTube. You may not find a lot on the newest features there but if something applies across the versions of Studio One there’s likely a video about it from Studio One Expert.

Home Studio Trainer

Another great trove of Studio One content — Home Studio Trainer.

Max Konyi

Max has a general music production content channel centered around but not strictly focused on Studio One. However, he has a full 92 video(!) Studio One production course on his channel.


Lots of Studio One tutorials among other things. Here’s the Studio One section.

Shameless Plug: ReNoob

I am not a great or very consistent YouTube/educator but I occasionally post Studio One related tips on my channel. Here’s my Studio One Quick Tips playlist.

Obviously, there are way more people posting about Studio One on YouTube. But subscribe to the channels above and a) you will have more Studio One content than you can watch in a lifetime, and b) YouTube’s algorithm may lay off that politically divisive content and serve you more Studio One stuff — win-win.

But if I missed some great Studio One YouTuber, I’d appreciate if you could let me know. Thanks!



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