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Speak With Me™ Brings Cognitive and Conversational AI Technology to The Renovo Ecosystem

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 24, 2018 — Speak With Me™ (, a cognitive, conversational, and emotional AI platform for immersive and interactive experiences, announced it has joined the AWare™ ecosystem of Renovo (, a mobility software technology company. Automated Mobility fleet deployments built using Renovo’s AWare OS can now easily gain access to and incorporate Speak With Me’s cognitive, conversational & emotional AI platform.

Speak With Me makes AI cockpits for automated vehicles. Their cognitive, conversational, and emotional AI platform with bidirectional application state interfaces combine context, state, and sentence structure with auditory analysis to provide an unparalleled in-cabin experience to driverless car passengers. By integrating with Renovo’s AWare operating system, Speak With Me technology will be available for deployment across any automated vehicle fleet running AWare regardless of vehicle type or automated driving system. This means faster development cycles and more consistent results across multiple vehicle platforms.

“We share Renovo’s vision of an open, interoperable, on-demand ecosystem where best-in-class technologies combine to foster innovation and bring about automated mobility safely, quickly and economically,” said Ajay Juneja, Founder and CEO of Speak With Me. “We chose to integrate with Renovo’s AWare OS platform because of its robust infrastructure, the company’s focus on commercial deployment at scale, and access to the growing number of fleets running AWare. This helps get Speak With Me’s technology into more automated vehicle cabins faster interacting with passengers and other services in innovative ways.”

The integration will allow Speak With Me to bring it’s expertise in human-machine communication to automated vehicles using the Renovo AWare OS. By running in the AWare environment Speak With Me will be able to seamlessly integrate with other software and services within the AWare ecosystem including the automated driving system, route management systems, passenger management, fleet operations, remote teleoperation, commerce and advertising.

“Speak With Me is a leading creator of cognitive and conversational AI technology, and we are delighted they have joined the AWare ecosystem,” said Chris Heiser CEO and Co-Founder of Renovo. “Commercial Automated Mobility deployments must be passenger centric and conversational interactivity is a key interface. Speak With Me is a powerful addition to the AWare ecosystem and is now available to fleet operators who have already or are deploying services using AWare. We look forward to the automated mobility innovations created between Speak With Me and other AWare ecosystem partners.”

Speak With Me joins the AWare ecosystem along with a growing list of leading companies in the automated mobility sector including Samsung, Verizon, Velodyne LiDAR, Parsons, INRIX, Argus Cyber Security, CARMERA, Affectiva, Phantom Auto, Metamoto, Civil Maps, Bestmile, EdgeConneX, and others.

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About Speak With Me, Inc.
Speak With Me™ builds interactive and immersive AI products off of its patented cognitive, conversational, and emotional AI platform. We are based off of a decade of research at Carnegie Mellon. Founded in 2005, Speak With Me is a privately-held company based in Mountain View, Calif.

About Renovo
Renovo builds AWare, an Operating System for Automated Mobility. AWare merges software, data analytics, and automotive-grade safety systems into a unified platform that enables a growing range of technologies and services to be combined in Automated Mobility fleet deployments. Renovo is accelerating the commercial realization of Automated Mobility at scale by enabling AWare compatible technologies and services across the widest range of vehicles, fleets, and the cloud. Renovo combines Silicon Valley agility with proven automotive capabilities with a singular commitment to transform the way people and things move. For more information visit:



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