Curve Finance Integrates RenVM

Taiyang Zhang
Ren Protocol


We are excited to announce the first native RenVM integration with Curve Finance!

  1. With Curve integrating RenVM via RenJS anyone can now use native BTC in Curve Finance, allowing the public to deposit and start earning trading fees on BTC immediately.
  2. This integration also facilitates the seamless movement between BTC and WBTC, creating the first low-slippage on and off ramp for WBTC that does not require any sign-ups! You simply send in BTC and get WBTC in return.
  3. Further, this provides an important foundation for advancing DeFi’s utility in other ways. The renBTC <> WBTC pool opens the door for dApps like Aave, Compound,, WBTC.Cafe, and anyone using WBTC, to create a host of new financial products that were not previously possible in DeFi. In addition, DEX aggregators (1inch, Paraswap, Totle,, etc.) can use this pool to swap BTC → WBTC → anycoin. So both teams are keen to see what’s built over the coming months.
BTC Deposit on Curve

Looking Forward

We couldn’t be more excited to pioneer this functionality with Curve and it’s been a pleasure building with the team. As one of our Ren Alliance members, we have worked hand in hand to provide native BTC functionality via RenJS and as promised to Utility Alliance Members, Curve received:

  1. Integration support
  2. Liquidity support
  3. Help with testing
  4. Assistance with co-marketing
  5. Real BTC utility in DeFi

Curve is one of our favorite applications in DeFi and an impressive technological feat for the Automated Market Making (AMM) space. Moving forward we’ll continue partnering with Curve, bringing more liquidity pools and cross-chain functionality to their DeFi application. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so here!

Onwards and upwards,

— Taiyang Zhang, CEO

About Curve Finance

Curve is creating deep on-chain liquidity using advanced bonding curves. It is an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum (like Uniswap) designed for (1) extremely efficient stablecoin trading (2) low risk, supplemental fee income for liquidity providers, without an opportunity cost. Curve allows users (and smart contracts like 1inch, Paraswap, Totle and to trade between DAI and USDC with a bespoke low slippage, low fee algorithm designed specifically for stablecoins. Behind the scenes, the liquidity pool is supplied to the Compound protocol, where it generates income for liquidity providers.

About Ren

Ren is an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain.

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