March Development Update

Details of the latest developments for the Ren team


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The next major RenEx update is almost ready for deployment to the RenEx Testnet, entering the final stages of development. We have listened to feedback from the community and have overhauled the entire user experience from signup to settlement. This next release will come with:

  • A simplified signup process and account management for users. This makes it easier for new users to get started, and existing users to manage their KYC.
  • A brand new user interface inspired by other existing DEXs. This offers the simplest possible trading experience with an optional advanced trading mode.
  • MetaMask is no longer needed; the entire trading experience will be facilitated solely by SwapperD.
  • New token listings focused on BTC and stablecoins as base trading pairs.

Coming soon to RenEx will be zero-knowledge settlement through AZTEC Protocol. More details will be released as the new version of RenEx nears completion.


Download directly from RenEx, or from GitHub Releases. You can also checkout our documentation.

SwapperD, our tool for cross-chain atomic swaps, has been released and is now available on all major operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux). This tool makes it easy, and safe, to execute cross-chain atomic swaps. It can be plugged in to any exchange, and will become the de-facto standard for settlement for exchanges built using Ren.

SwapperD integration with AZTEC Protocol is underway. This integration is a natural marriage of two complementing protocols. It will allow balances, transfers, and settlements, in SwapperD to be kept secret while still benefiting from on-chain security.

We encourage any interested parties that are interested in facilitating cross-chain swaps into their products to reach out to the team at


Read the latest litepaper. If you have any thoughts let us know on our Reddit!

Since the launch of public Darknodes, the support and uptake by the community has been awesome to witness:

  • At time of writing ~200 Darknodes are currently registered and running.
  • Community member Andrew C. has built Darknode monitoring website so that people can see how Darknodes are performing.
  • Improvements to the Darknode software have allowed the hardware requirements to drop significantly to ~$20 USD per month. We expect to be able to drop this even further in the future. Checkout this pull request for details.

A new payment model to ensure equal and regular distribution of payments to all Darknodes has been finalized and is currently under development. Once deployed, it will ensure that all Darknodes contributing sufficient resources to the network will receive an equal distribution of rewards.

Sorting algorithms are the foundation of exchange order book operation. This month, we also finished building these algorithms into zero-knowledge versions on RenVM. This allows for time-price prioritized order books to operate on RenVM and brings us a step closer to allowing anyone to easily build their own dark pool/secret exchange.

It has been another busy month for the Ren development team and we have made some great progress towards our goals for 2019. Some major milestones for RenEx and RenVM are just around the corner, so stay tuned for more information.

— Loong Wang, CTO, Ren

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