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RentMonitor made an announcement that they are closing operations on December 19th 2016. Many landlords collected rent and screened tenants using RentMonitor, but we have good news: there’s an even better alternative available to landlords.

Alternative to RentMonitor

Here at Rentalutions, we provide software that makes it easy for landlords to complete every step of the rental process. If you previously managed your property with RentMonitor, then you’ve come to the right place because we can help you collect rent, screen tenants, and do even more.

How Rentalutions Helps You Manage Your Rental Property

Here’s an overview of our product so you can learn exactly how we help landlords save time:

Rental Listings

Our online rental listings help you save time by allowing you to create one listing that is automatically posted across top rental sites, including Zillow, Trulia, HotPads,, and more. With a wider audience viewing your listing, you’ll have more leads and be able to find high-quality tenants. On average, our landlords receive 16 tenant leads within the first two weeks.

Rental Applications

Our online rental application asks tenants all of the right questions. We gather information about a tenant’s residence history and employment history. Tenants can upload income verification. Along the way, we provide first-class advice on how to review rental applications and how to screen tenants.

Tenant Credit Reports and Background Checks

Our tenant credit and background checks help you screen prospective tenants so you can easily find tenants who pay rent on time and take care of your property. All you have to do is request the report, your tenant authorizes you, and as soon as you’ve been granted authorization, you’ll receive the report. The process is fast and easy. We’ll also help you learn how to analyze the tenant’s credit and background check.

Rental Lease Agreements

Once you’ve found your dream tenant, our online rental leases make it easy for you and your tenant to sign on the dotted line. Digital signatures are fully enforceable. Instead of continuously re-printing your lease, having to fax it, or meeting up with your tenant, you can edit, review, and sign the lease from the comfort of your own home. Tenants appreciate the transparency; they can access the lease anytime by logging into their account.

Online Rent Collection

If you’ve been collecting rent with RentMonitor, then you know how convenient online rent collection is for landlords and tenants alike. Luckily, you can still collect rent online with Rentalutions.

We offer even more features that make online rent collection that much sweeter. Tenants can set up automatic rent payments, so they never have to do extra work to pay rent each month. We send reminder emails to tenants, which reduces the likelihood that your tenant will forget to pay. You can easily track rent payments in our system and we send automatic receipts to your tenants. This is especially helpful if you own multiple properties with multiple tenants.

Manage Maintenance

You can manage maintenance all from inside your account. Receive requests, communicate with your tenants, and resolve issues without ever having to play phone tag. We provide the right services that will help you repair the problem your tenant has reported. You and your tenants can even upload photos to provide updates.

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Our product streamlines the entire rental process in one place. You will save time and run an even more efficient rental business. If you have any questions along the way, we provide excellent customer support available seven days a week. You can reach us at or by calling 312–508–3786 if you have questions.

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Originally published at Rentalutions.

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