The News About RentHunt

Almost a year since our Founder Institute experience, and it has been one h*ll of a rollercoaster ride! We are still only at the beginning of our journey, but that’s ok because the RentHunt team loves rollercoasters💪!

Let’s start with some good news. Our app is almost ready for you. Not only that, the RentHunt family is growing. Ken and Rodrigo, two great developers, joined us recently to help us complete what we’ve started (see picture below👇).

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RentHunt Team

Right to Left: Pierre, Michel, Rodrigo, Ken[/caption]

You are probably wondering ok, what does almost ready mean. April is the month, sign up to get notified of the specific date here. Now, how about a fresh🍉 reminder about what RentHunt will be all about?

What we have built (and continue building) is a matchmaking platform between tenants and landlords. RentHunt wants to make the rental process simple, smart and fast. In other words, RentHunt will be actively helping you find and sort through the tons of rental listings available to you. In order for you to find that perfect match, much faster. The way we do that will be covered in the coming blog post, detailing the features of the app and how it works. Subscribe to our newsletter not to miss that one!

What’s next for RentHunt? Building for Android and extra features.

The RentHunt app will be released on iOS for its debut, however we will release an Android version soon after. We are also working on a couple of features to plug into our app. Features that will further simplify your rent experience, both as tenants and landlords. So stay tuned for further announcement by subscribing to our weekly newsletters, you won’t regret it!

Now that we’ve told you about us, we’d love to hear back from you with any feedback or questions you have for us! You can also visit our website to know more about us.