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How to add RNB-BNB Liquidity to PancakeSwap staking program

If you have RNB tokens on Ethereum that you want to bridge to Binance Smart Chain and need guidance, view the guide here.

Important links and data:
PancakeSwap pool:

RNB on BSC contact address: 0xaDEC335A2e3881303a9b0203eb99DE12202280dF

PancakeSwap Exchange:

❗ To join the staking program, make sure your browser is supported by MetaMask.

How to add liquidity to PancakeSwap (as an RNB-BNB liquidity provider)

  1. Go to the RNB-BNB pool on PancakeSwap here and Connect your MetaMask wallet
  2. On the popup (if it shows), mark the “I understand” checkbox and click “Import”

3. On the liquidity tab click the Add Liquidity button.

❗ — you might need first to Enable RNB, in this case, you will see the process below:

Select the currency pair to add to the pool(RNB and BNB) and how many tokens you wish to add to one half of the pair (the other half will auto-fill in an equivalent value), click “Enable RNB” and then “Confirm” on the popup that will open on your MetaMask wallet

❗ — it may take several minutes for this transaction to complete

After enabling for the first time RNB on PancakeSwap, you’ll see on the above screen that the “Enable RNB” button has now changed to “Supply”. You can now continue to supply liquidity.

After clicking the “Supply” button, details showing your proportional share of the pool will be displayed, these dictate the amount of liquidity provider (LP) tokens you receive.

4. Click “Confirm Supply”, you will then need to confirm the transaction on MetaMask

Where can I see my LP tokens after adding liquidity?

Make sure you’re on BSC mainnet on your MetaMask (if you’re on Ethereum mainnet, click on it and select from the available options BSC mainnet).

Click on “Import Tokens” and enter the LP token address: 0x0d444a2c293cac7fba8fccb74dfa7f7f67f2c9e7

Joining the staking program on BSC

Notice — there are 3 different staking programs available for RNB holders:

The locked-period staking program on BSC has a defined duration and a fixed APY and is available for liquidity providers on PancakeSwap. To join the program, follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Add liquidity to the pool in RNB and BNB to receive the Cake-LP token (the “Liquidity Token”) into your MetaMask wallet.

Step 2:

Proceed to the staking portal on

Step 3:

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the staking portal by clicking the “connect” button and approving the popup on MetaMask.

Step 4:

Copy the Transaction ID (“Transaction Hash” ,“TXID”) of the liquidity token from your MetaMask Activity tab or from BSCscan, paste it into the staking portal and click the “Submit” button:

Check your MetaMask wallet → You will now need to approve 3 popups on MetaMask for:

  1. Oracle
  2. LP token allowance
  3. Contract interaction

❗️ Notice — it takes several seconds for the transactions on MetaMask to get processed between the popups, allow some time for these and about a minute for the Cake-LP tokens to appear on the staking portal (no need to click multiple times on the popups, it will just generate multiple unnecessary interactions ).

❗️ Notice — If you have multiple wallets on MeteMask, make sure the interaction with the Staking Portal is from the correct wallet (the LP token owner wallet)

Rewards allocation, space availability, and distribution:

A maximum space of 250.000 RNB is available in the staking pool (once the capacity is reached, there will be no more capacity in the staking program, so for those interested to take this opportunity — it’s better to join early).

This program is a fix-period locking staking program, once submitted, the RNB and the BNB will be locked into the Smart Contract for 3 months without an option of early release from locking.

Once locked, participants will be entitled to receive 15% in rewards calculated based on the staked RNB amount.

Example: Participant adds 5000 RNB (and the equal value amount in BNB) to the RNB-BNB PancakeSwap liquidity pool and joins the staking program, locking the liquidity for 3 months. At the end of this period, the rewards will be calculated as:

5000 RNB * 15% = 750 RNB

❗️ Before participating in the staking program, be sure you understand the terms below and that upon joining you fully accept the following:

  • LP tokens in the staking program are locked for 3 months
  • Locked tokens can not be unlocked before the expiry of the 3 months
  • Rewards claiming is possible after the 3 month staking period is fulfilled, and is calculated based on the RNB (not BNB) value

— Return on RNB: 15%

— Return on total value: 7.5%

— Maximum Projected APY on RNB: 75%*

* when rejoining the program consecutively and accumulatively while there’s available space in the program




A groundbreaking solution enabling tenants and landlords to conveniently send and receive rent payments in cryptocurrency

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Rentible Team

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