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Why Trade Shows Need E-commerce to Survive

Networking is nice, but is it enough?

  • Registration
  • Online Product Showcase Only
  • Thought Leadership Webinars
  • AI Driven Match making
  • E-commerce and Procurement
  • All of the Above

Unless there is some advantage in match making I’m not seeing, then no, not interested. Not sure why we’d want that when it’s all laid out before us and we can look and decide for ourselves.

-Patty Brunn, Co-owner, Maison D’etre

Now in addition to powerful leads, vendors can actually attribute a sale to the trade show.

Why E-commerce?

1. The Leads are Stronger

2. Closing Sales is Faster

The Sales Cycle Gets Cut Down From 3 Weeks to 3 Mins when buyers can buy instantly.

3. Networking Can Happen Post Sales

4. Show Operators Can Create A New Source of Revenue



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