Historic Town of Sukhotai and Associated Historic Towns 素可泰歷史城鎮與相關歷史城鎮

Sukhotai, Thailand, UNESCO World Heritage Site


Sukhotai is a amazing place.


It is the resource where Thai Country begin, if that was no Sukhotai, I think Thai culture wouldn’t been occured.


It is too far away from the city. so the legency here would not been broken. so we can see many treasure here. like the Buddhism curving or some traditional curving. This please is northen from Bangkok, and you have to drive about 8 hours to be here. it just a small town, so I think the living style here should be sample.


I don’t want to describe how I be here, and and process of this trip. because I’ve already wrote it before. so this time, I would like to write about my feeling of this place.


Sukhotai is a unique place, There are not any place where can instead it. It is not only provide Thai culture. and the value of Art is also high. This place made me feel amazing all the time.


People might feel that Sukhotai is almost like Angkor in Cambodia. but it is not. In fact, the material, the curving style, they are all different. it is two totally different style for two culture. but that all made me feel shock, and they are all SICK building for me.


I think, the human is really amazing. I mean if you see around the world, you can see that’s many unnatural building. for example, the pyramid in Egypt in the past or the Opera house in Sydney in the mordent world, People always want to achieve some goal, to keep make some amazing building. It has their own story for build up. some might be military issue, some for the religion, some for the love story….ect. anyway, people make up the building for sample reason.


People achieve the goal to finish built up those building, can also prove that how strong of the country at that time. It can also shows people the population and the power to other countries. so, it makes this place to getting more and more people to move in, and the land here become less and less. and the space are getting close, It also makes more limit, and less freedom.

而當人們自以為這樣叫做先進,並沾沾自喜時,這時,大自然突然間又出了一題,可能是別國的侵犯,可能是疾病,可能是…….. 然後,很多地方,就這樣,變成了廢墟……。

When people think they are great to overcome the environment, but in fact, it is not. The environment might give the people another test to overcome, for example, the sickness, or some other country tried to attack you. then, this place has been destroyed, and people are getting forget this place.


so now we have Angkor, Machu-Piccu, Cusco or Carlos of Supe, and also, Sukhotai.


I really love Sukhotai. because this place is really far away, so it is very quiet here.and if you want to find out the orginal Thai culture, then you must come here once, then I believe you will out find some impress that we felt in child hood, like the elephant, and the Theravada Buddhism……ect. This place is very sample, and easy place. Sukhotai Historic Park is really big, and outside the park, you can find out the rentiing bicycle store. it makes you can get easy to visit this place. I think it is also good choise to stay here few more days.



There is a place called Si-Chun Wat, which near by Sukhotai Historic Park. This is my favor place. because this is not that famus place. so the normal tourism might not be here. but many backpackers ride the bicycle here. to see this amazing tample.

我來這裡來了兩次,因為第一次是中午來的,這時的西昌寺雖然看起來是很驚艷沒有錯,但總少了那麼一點寧靜的Feel…..第二次是下午五點多,下完雨後,趕快過來。五點多人就比較少了,但這時的西昌寺,也跟中午的不太一樣。有可能是夕陽的關係,佛像的顏色變了,變成有點透紅的感覺,跟中午的西昌寺是完全不一樣,而且,真的多了一份寧靜感。I Love this feeling!!!

I went here twice a day. the first time was at the lunch time, Wat Si-Chun was makes me feel amazing, but I felt it has some feeling wrong, so I came here second time, which is around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. it rains before. so it was very comfortable when I arrive. the buddha looks different—the color has changed by the sun set, It looks more beautiful and more quitely this place, I love this feeling.


  1. 表現人類創造力的經典之作。


The Selection criteria of Historic Town of Sukhotai and Associated Historic Towns as below:

  1. “Represents a masterpiece of human creative genius”

3.“bears a unique or exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared”

Historic Town of Sukhotai and Associated Historic Towns 素可泰歷史城鎮與相關歷史城鎮

Sukhotai, Thailand, UNESCO World Heritage Site

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