REOS Meetup | Reinventing Social Media on the Blockchain

May 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Last week we held our very first REOS Meetup at the WorkCentral co-working space in Singapore. Despite being held on a rainy Friday evening, we were pleasantly surprised to get a full house!

Our advisor, Karen New, opened the night with a guide to ICOs and a brief presentation about her new book on cryptocurrency, New Assets.

REOS Project Lead, Leon Bian, led a discussion on how blockchain will reshape social media platforms. He also brought up why we think it’s time to return power to content creators and consumers and how REOS plans to achieve this by leveraging blockchain technology.

Leon Bian, REOS Project Lead

We want to thank all the meetup attendees as well as all those who are supporting us via our social media channels. We wish we could meet all of you in person! If you will be in New York on May 13, come say hello:

Stay tuned for more upcoming meetups and events!


A blockchain-based ecosystem for user-generated content, challenging today’s social media giants. More info at

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