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REOS Roadshow Updates 05.21

Hello REOS community!

It’s been almost a month since our last roadshow update and our team hasn’t stopped since. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve been up to:

  • We held our second meet-up in Bangkok, Thailand, in collaboration with fellow blockchain-related projects. We discussed the decentralization of social media and all things blockchain in a casual setting over, you guessed it, beers! Not a bad setup at all.
Leon Bian presenting at Beerside Crypto Chat in Bangkok
  • Right after the second REOS meet-up, our Project Lead Leon Bian and Head of BD & Marketing Jay Cheng headed to New York for an intense few days at Consensus, CoinDesk’s 4th annual blockchain technology summit, and ICO Crypto Economy 2018.
Jay Cheng (left) and Leon Bian at ICO 2018 Crypto Economy in NYC
  • This week we’re in Beijing hosting another meet-up and introducing REOS to the blockchain community in China. However, we’re doing it in a different style this time, and by style we mean: check out our new REOS t-shirts! It was about time, right?
Leon Bian, REOS Project Lead, presenting in Beijing, China

Stay tuned for a REOS t-shirt giveaway coming soon on our Telegram group!

For more info and upcoming meet-ups, visit our website: Join our 10k+ members on Telegram:




A blockchain-based ecosystem for user-generated content, challenging today’s social media giants. More info at

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A blockchain-based ecosystem for UGC challenging today’s social media giants. More at

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