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Gross National Happiness with Saamdu Chetri

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What inspired you to write something for children to help them become more caring towards people & nature? Did you always wish to write a children’s book?

It was my long time dream to write a book based on the three connections one may have in life — self with self, self with others and self with nature. I had written the piece almost sixteen years back, but there were no takers until I decided to publish it on Amazon. I had a good time to edit in July, when my wife was under treatment in Dehradun.

GNH measures both subjective and objective conditions through periodic national surveys. Subjective elements are largely based on self-reports of numerous aspects of the survey respondent’s life.

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Replenish Earth is the philosophy of living in harmony with nature; it is a cause and a collective action to protect the global commons — the natural resources we all share.

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