Game of Thrones: 108 days to transpire the future.

Happy 2016 Techers! Let’s start the new year with an epic boom!

HBO made the announce. Games of Thrones is coming back on April 24 as Jeff, a clever superfan predicted way back when the season’s first teaser was released based on HBO’s scheduling of a forthcoming show, Vinyl.

2016 looks promising also in Technology. How about seeing the mysterious fate of our beloved Jon Snow and the return of his all grown-up brother Bran from a transparent display attached to your shelving?

At the recent CES 2016, Panasonic showcases a glass panel that looks like any tinted glass you might normally see in someone’s living room except for the tons of micro LEDs behind that make it a 1080p resolution tv.

It’s not even close to be a finished product, so no 6th season on it yet, but hey, breaking news! HBO is doubling down on Game of Thrones. Season 7th and 8th as already be announced…