Star Wars : The Force Awakens new Trailer aaand ACTION!

Disney aired its second official TV spot for its upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. What’s new? A tons of action!

We explored the characters with the first trailer and now we go for a little blasting time. Although we can’t see what’s happening, we can infer that a massive battle is about to take place while Kylo Ren sets fire to various buildings.

I bet you all, Techers, dream to have a BB-8 as a companion. Believe it or not, in Reply we make dreams come true!

As a matter of fact,the winner team members of the pioneering Hackathon on Blockchain technology, were rewarded with the cutest Star Wars drone by the robotics startup Sphero, and it’s actually pretty freaking cool! You can control it by your smartphone or tablet, tell it to go on patrol and you also could watch BB-8 broadcasting holographic messages recorded by other users.

But the coolest thing is that, in all probability, you can even hack it! As Maigret, an executive at Disney Interactive, predicted:

The thing is, it’s a robot, it’s a droid and people will figure out how to hack it. We think that’s a good thing. We don’t have a kit that comes out on day one for it, but people will put two and two together.