Unblock Leo and chain the Oscar

Neither Shutter Island, nor Inception or The Wolf of Wall Street succeeded to let Di Caprio get his hands on the Oscar. Now it’s time of The Revenant, is it the right one for good?

The challenge is tough. The race is against Cranston, Damon, Redmayne and Fassbender. Cranston…Breaking Bad…no please…Mr. White…no chance…and the hell yes!

We can do it Leo, we can help you to catch the Oscar! How? Make you run as fast as you can on the game Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage!

In the meanwhile Wall Street decided to go tech and put their stocks, bonds and financial securities in the hand of blockchain.

The aim? Over the years, the biggest financial headquarter has employed a single organisation to oversee the truth. With the blockchain, this truth can be controlled by an open network that all of those parties can see.

Eureka! What if we put our trust in our beloved actor and make him win the most coveted prize with the power of Blockchain?!

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