Life at Reply

Hi there!

Hi, who are you?

This is Reply. We’re a network of highly specialised companies, that support leading industrial groups in defining and developing business models to optimise and integrate processes, applications and devices. We use new technology and communication models, such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Communication, Internet of Things, Mobile and Social Networking.

Sounds good. Are you hiring people like me?

Of course. It depends on you, and whether you like this story.

Impress me.

Ok. You’re a great talent, an innovative and curious mind and now part of the Reply community. Your journey as a Replyer starts with the TamTamy Lunch. There you’ll meet all the other new people in the company learning how Reply works. Reply’s world is pretty wide, it takes some time to see all the opportunities for your development, such as the Enterprise Social Network.

What is it?

TamTamy is where you can find daily contributions from all over the company, knowledge sharing at its best. It’s conversational, but it’s also the main tool for your daily routine at work, where you can share all your documents and information with the team.

Is this knowledge-sharing thing only digital?
Replyers at the center

Good point. Nope, it’s a lifelong learning programme made up of both digital and physical experiences. You can start with a Labcamp: a hands-on seminar held in Reply offices, generally at the end of a working day and dedicated to a brand new tech topic. We have more than 70 Labcamps every year with 1,000 attendees. Jump on board, and if you’re an expert in some type of technology, put yourself forward as a Labcamp Trainer and share your know-how with your Reply colleagues.

And if a topic gets wide interest from everyone?

We build a Reply Hackathon. A weekend every month dedicated to a 48-hour hacking-marathon in a beautiful location. It’s all about project execution in an international team. Work hard, play hard!

We’ve organised several Hackathons since 2011, sometimes with customers, too. And every time we learn something new. We’ve covered Blockchain, Cyber Security, AI & Smart Machines, Wearable Devices, Machine Learning, Traffic Data, Proximity Commerce, Car HMI, Drones & Robotics, Telco, Open Hardware, Mobile, Cloud Computing, and many more.

Ok, I got it. I’ve learned something. Next step?

Join Reply Netcamps. Every quarter 250 Replyers join our topic-driven event to explore innovations from across the Reply community. Want more? Every year at the Reply Xchange, the biggest annual Reply event, you’ll discover the best ideas shared in the community, looking deeply into the most relevant and innovative topics and sharing the best Reply projects for our customers.

Reply Xchange 2015 highlights
Cool. I want to share this story with my mates.
Students in Politecnico di Milano at Student Tech Clash 2015

Do you know Reply U? It’s where Reply meets students to #innovatewithus. Meet Reply directly at job fairs around Europe and show your talent at Student Tech Clash, organised with students associations at the best tech universities. You might even become a Reply Ambassador!

Is this lifelong learning thing really working?
Maker Faire 2015, Rome: 100.000 participants, 15.000 students, 2 Reply stands, a lot of fun

Here’s a good example: Code for Kids is the Reply initiative born to spread the digital culture in schools. We started from an internal Hackathon open to Replyers’ kids, then we looked for skills among Replyers, and finally we opened it to external events to meet the new digital generation on our European tour.

I like this story. So what?

Visit, send your CV to #innovatewithus and share your best University project on Reply U Talents.

Thanks… one last thing: I liked this 20 links format.

So follow the Reply R20 :)