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Federico Haag
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5 min readMar 6, 2018


It’s almost two years the Reply Students Ambassadors Team exists and continuously grows up, so it’s come the time to expose our team and reveal you all our secrets! If you want to know who we are and what we do as Ambassadors, you just landed on the right article.

10 hard questions to 10 unlucky ambassadors ;)

To give you the best point of view, I’ve interviewed Reply Students Ambassadors from all over Europe: Milan, Turin, London, Nuremberg, asking everything I think you would like to know about us.

What we do

All of us is attending an engineering course at University: most of us studies Computer Science, but we have also some students of Automation and Control, Management, Electronics, Math and Civil!

Our official mission is to advertise Reply and the great things that the company does: competitions, events, courses etc… We promote Reply between our colleagues and help during the biggest and coolest events.

But, WAIT! We are not just advertisers: that is only the most boring part (and it’s anyway super cool! 😎).

As an Ambassador, Reply gives you the possibility to attend a lot of courses and events organized only for Replyers, giving you a great opportunity to learn new skills from the best and most experienced professionals.

It’s really a great opportunity to grow mentored by a great company.

I think that a Reply Ambassador is someone who feels the need to do something different and to challenge himself with new challenges. A curious person with a constant need of learning — Matteo Carioli

We are the link between usual working life and the usual student life. Our real mission is taking out the extraordinary from both two lives and ENJOY!

The core concept is that we have the possibility to share our interest in technology by enjoying and learning at the same time. Wow! 😁

Why you should join us

During the events and courses we can attend, the best thing you can do is get to know a lot of talented people to network with. That’s not a small thing. Remember that the biggest part of the opportunities you could have in your future depends on the network of professionals you built around you that can guide and enrich your personality and your career.

You also discover the tech market in the best way you could: FUN+ KNOWLEDGE + MENTORSHIP+ REWARDS. You could not ask for anything better! 🏆

A lot of students are worried about their life after the University so I’d describe them being an ambassador as something that could reassure them — Mattia Mazzaccaro

The truth is that Reply is a Company that focuses a lot on young talented students, and you can’t lose this opportunity.

Being a Reply Ambassador is a good opportunity to get involved in work world before ending university — Leonardo Locatelli

In short words: it is an opportunity for you to discover how a company works, and also to develop a lot of soft & hard skills.

A cool way to be part of a cool company — Daniel Levis

Being Ambassador is unique as you

During the interviews, I asked other ambassadors how they could summarize their experience in one word: the result is everyone answered differently! That’s awesome :) These are their words:

Promising, Greatful, Awesome, Marvelous, Exciting, Training, Discovery, Opportunity.

Reply Ambassadors’ superpowers

Being an Ambassador means for sure be OUTSTANDING💎. The best engineering students team for the best tech consulting company ;)

Each of us has his/her own “super-power” that he/she uses to get the best out of life, job and career. Here some of our secret ones:

  • To listen to people
  • Being honest and fair, helpful and friendly
  • Enjoying interacting with people and being good at networking
  • Being very curious and always wanting to improve
  • Being outgoing and full of energy

We are more imperfect than you think

Sometimes, at this point, I get the impression that many students think that this is not something they can afford, it is too much difficult.

So I decided to make probably the worst thing you could do from the “marketing point of view”. I asked other Ambassadors what they hate the most of themselves. These are the answers:

  • “To feel discouraged”
  • “Not being always ready in the critical moment”
  • “When I don’t like doing something, I postpone it too much”
  • “I get used to doing stuff very quickly and I lose interest”
  • “Being anxious for everything in my life”
  • “Being too little focused on details”
  • “I care too much about other people’s opinion”

Why did I ask this hard question? Because I wanted to show you what in my opinion is the best part of us: we are students that have just started knowing the labour world but who want to improve themselves every day in their life in order to become “the best part of themselves”. And the best part of the story is that we found a company ready to guide us. Reply.

This is us. Those were our secrets. Now the only person missing is you!

Just another off-site student looking for the best — Federico Haag

An ambitious risk taker — Nowman Islam

A curious mind — Donato Cafarelli

Curious to experience new things — Fabio Verzeletti

Live a life you will remember — Mattia Mazzaccaro

Just a curious mind in a nerdy outfit — Matteo Carioli

Wherever there is an interesting event I might be around the corner either attending or organizing it! — Sydney Lukee

I just wanna be as Leonardo da Vinci was — Leonardo Locatelli

Every day a new challenge — Adrian Doerk

An ambitious and creative person always seeking every kind of knowledge that can enrich my expertise — Daniel Levis

… — your name could be here, apply writing to ambassadors@reply.com