[The Speakers] Businessmen, how to sell Machine Learning?

Andrea, Luca and Simone have been working for 2 to 3+ years as Consultants in Target Reply, a company of the Group focused on managing data in all of its facets, such as BI, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

In their experience in Target Reply they had contributed in both analysis, R&D and development of end-to-end pipelines for extracting value from data and text.

Hey guys, thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you! What was the topic of your Labcamp?

We did our best to explain how to bridge expectation and communication gaps between businessmen and Machine Learning experts.

Communicating effectively 📣 one’s vision on data in terms of machine learning approaches is not always simple, due to the fact these two actors do not always share a common vocabulary and they are often coming from different backgrounds.

How did you come up with this idea? 💡

Our professional experience led to this idea of sharing tips on how to communicate effectively to our clients, as most of the times there is a huge gap between tech people and non-tech business users.

This gap often leads to inefficiency during the definition of requirements that may lead to extra effort during the development phase. Good communication can be effective with peers as well.

What are the main steps to preparing and delivering your Labcamp?

The first step is to make a labcamp proposal, if it gets accepted you start working on the presentation. This is a quite demanding process as you have to put down all of your ideas and to fit them into the session timing. When planning a Labcamp you also have to think about some practical exercise to allow trainees to apply what they learnt, be it by themselves or in small teams. Few weeks before the event the draft presentation is reviewed with Social Network folks 👍, who are always providing useful feedback to tune everything up (such as fitting timing, vocabulary, exercises to the audience)

How does Reply support your research?

After making a Labcamp you get Berries points 🍓 that you can convert into self-training such as tech books, international tech conferences or online courses.

Labcamps are just one of the many networking and training events where you can learn and get in contact with people from other Reply companies.
  • For tech-marathons addicted 👩‍💻 you have Hackathon events where you take part to international competition with other replyers on a given topic and do your best to make a working prototype in 24 hours. Lack of sleep, excessive assumption of caffeine ☕ and thousands of lines of codes are just few of the ingredients of these events.
  • For more business-oriented guys 👨‍💼 you also have Communities of Practices: long-term focus groups where you contribute to developing business on emerging topic of interest that might be the next tech-hype.

List 5 🗝️ facts we should know about your topic.

For communicating more effectively our condensed tips are:

1️⃣ Drive emotions in your audience using metaphors and storytelling: this will keep their attention to the top

2️⃣ Focus on simplicity, consistency and usability so that everyone can understand what you state

3⃣ Make clear and real examples so that your listeners can relate to them

4️⃣ Details matter: be precise and leverage visualization tool for showing your numbers in catchy way

5️⃣ Convert technical terms and scientific considerations into revenues and margins, so that it gets clear why your work is worth the money

Why this will be important in the future? 🔮

As the market is moving towards a tighter interaction between technical and non-technical people, good communication skills is a strategic asset for getting the best out of your career and achieving better results.

Your 2cents 💰 for a student who’s reading

Moving from University to work life is often seen as the moment where you “stop learning”. When you’re working in Reply you are always facing new challenges so you actually keep learning (sometimes unexpected!) new things every day. But for those who really want to have that feeling of “taking lesson” we suggest taking part to many of the opportunities that you have in Reply: it’s a fun way to learn new stuff as well as growing your own professional network. And don’t forget that the best way for taking part to training session is that of putting yourself forward as a trainer!

Why a student should join Reply?

As a young professional, Reply is a great kickstart experience as you have lots of opportunities to put yourself under the spotlight and contribute with your passion and skills. Moreover you’ll be working for a Company where excellence is noticed and rewarded on a daily basis. 🚀

Would you like to know more about Reply and our job opportunities?