Noloss, don’t loose your tweaks anymore

A lot of us already noticed there is just a few app to synchronize and save your tweaks ! At Repoleak we have decided to implement this feature and we called it:Noloss. It’s free and available right now.

A demo of Repoleak NoLoss

Since the v1.3, we implemented Noloss, a beautiful tool to synchronizes in the cloud all your iDevices with your Repoleak account. You can get all the tweaks saved on your devices from anywhere.

Your device is automatically updated and saved (if you accepted to synchronize your device) with the cloud when you start the app.

With the iOS9 release and the not yet ready jailbreak, with Noloss you are gonna be able to save your tweaks before updating your iOS version and then when the iOS9 jailbreak will be available you are gonna be able to install the tweaks (compatible with iOS 9 of course) back on your devices simply by clicking on “Install”.

This feature is strongly linked with our other new feature: Context. Then you can see only the tweaks which are compatible with your device (iOS version and device).

Finally, we are very pleased to announce that Repoleak is now compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ resolutions.

See you soon for more features

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