Learning from Design Chief — 3 years at Report Bee

10 things I learnt from my Design Chief — Jack Anto

Joined the Report Bee, Design team in June 2013 and started as a Graphic Designer in the 1st year. During my 2nd year, I was given works related to UI design along with Graphic Design. In my 3rd year, moved towards UI & UX + Information & Data visualization, and now in the 4th year I work as a Design Thinker!

At 2013, My First project was Thinking Health card (THC) project, it was done for nearly 2 months with 18 iterations (THC web site & THC Report card). He has given me the time and space to learn from my failures. After that my effort, thinking and hard work with learnings has given good growth to my organisation, with quality design (with 1–2 iterations, max-3, sometimes zero iterations :)

My 10 Learnings

1. Don’t Compromise.

2. Fix your design deliverable time. Finish before your deadline!

3. Be Consistent.

4. Follow new trends, Be updated :)

5. Stay balanced with OFFICE & HOME

“A man should never neglect his family for business” —Walt disney

6. Building new culture in team.

7. Be a Superhero — Accept new challenges.

8. Work hard. No shortcuts. Sure Success. Stay Humble!

9. Don’t do known mistake, time is precious.

10. Set goals, Keep improving your standards to world-class design.

Report Bee Design Team photo, Morning fresh air Designers meetup at Kotturpuram tree park.
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