Deloitte Fastest 50 tech India — Report Bee Ranked #30 (Jack Anto & Prabhakaran V)

Report Bee’s recent award by Deloitte — Fastest 50 tech India

#45 Blog Thursday

It is a prestigious award for Report Bee Team, and it is the third time in a row (Hat trick). Any awards are the boost to a firm to maintain the momentum. This award is much more for a company to receive. Getting consecutive three years it not easy and very few techs are in the list and Report Bee top the order.

Report Bee

Report Bee belongs to Edu Tech space, and we build products that are used daily by schools, teachers and education providers. Data is our backbone, we crunch data and give meaningful insight to school. We have mastered in making Insightful Digital Report Cards. Serving more than 1,300+ schools across India, Maldives, and Singapore. More about Report Bee

Deloitte Awards

As mentioned earlier, it the prestigious award for the companies who are into Hardware, Software, Technologies, Communication, Media and Life Science. Not much introduction needed for Deloitte.

Report Bee Hat trick Deloitte Awards & Positions

  • 2016: Rank #33
  • 2017: Rank #11
  • 2018: Rank #30

Validation Process

Companies with a significant growth rate can apply for this award. Deloitte team will process the application, do financial audit and rank the positions. The growth rate of the companies positioned in rank, like school classroom RANKS.

What special this year?

This year the founding team of Report Bee received the award. Prabhakaran V and I travel Bangalore received the award in behalf of Team Report Bee. It is a great feeling when you win awards in front top 50 tech companies in India. The pride is matchless you feel it only when you stand there. Being associated with the Report Bee for 7.5+ years was added meaning the moment when I took the award in hand.

Deloitte Award dedicated to all the hard-worked & hard-working fighter bees in Report Bee.

Design Chief and Founding member of Report Bee — Jack Anto
Deloitte Digital — Fastest 50 Tech India Icon
Deloitte Award
Deloitte Award
Report Bee Ranked #30
Award Memento — Deloitte Digital
Final Picture after the Deloitte Digital Award — Jack Anto & Prabhakaran V

Below you will find out the Instagram Stories of the complete travel.

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