‘Best’ UK eclipse in age of selfies and social falls short

Cloud cover broke just enough to let the ‘best’ eclipse over the British Isles and northern Europe since 1999 peep through. Still, it spawned some silly memes.

The good, the bad, the cloud cover (bear with us, there are some decent shots below).

Londoners were not impressed, innit?

Console yourself with a time lapse of ducks wading.

Nonplussed in Nantes.

An apparition of Varoufakis’ finger over Germany.

The real deal in the Faroe Islands. Situated between Norway, Iceland and Scotland, it was the only terrain in northern Europe to experience a total eclipse Friday morning. Hundreds of tourists travelled to the archipelago to catch a glimpse. Momentary breaks in cloud cover gave glimpses of the eclipse. Smartphones were at hand to time-lapse film the island being plunged into darkness.

Yes, satellites had the hot seats. Thanks ESA, and Astro Sam in the ISS.

Here’s the path the eclipse was taking over northern parts.

And the smudge it cast.

A break in the cloud over Dublin gave Reported.ly’s bureau this view.

And of course, the obligatory faking of artwork as photography.

And the downright weird. People.

But stay safe kids.