Huge explosion in Sana’a;
Oxfam warehouse targeted by airstrike

What’s happening in Yemen
4.20.2015 edition

By the Team

We are creating a daily rundown of events in Yemen as Saudi Arabian-led airstrikes against Houthis that began March 26 continue. The Houthi militia has been fighting the Yemeni government for nearly a decade, and in recent months has made enormous gains across the country, including capturing the capital, Sana’a.

For an explanation of what happened in the first few days of the military action, read our synopsis.

Update 9 a.m. PT (4 p.m. GMT)

Huge explosion on Sana’a hill reverberates for miles

Many Sana’a netizens tweeted non-stop photos and reactions to a huge explosion that rocked the capital for miles around. Housing military facilities next to residential areas, the Faj Attan hill has been repeatedly targeted by airstrikes since the Saudi-led offensive began March 25. The shockwave visibly shook the camera operator in this video:

Many were personally impacted from the blast…

..including the staff of international aid organizations operating in the capital.

A journalist was reportedly killed in the explosion.

Oxfam warehouse targeted by airstrike

International aid agency Oxfam condemned an airstrike on a humanitarian aid warehouse in Saada, saying that the Saudi-led coalition had been briefed on the locations of their facilities in detail.

Oxfam also shared a photoset from Yemen, in a blog post by one of its officers, detailing the personal impact the conflict has on his life.

A boat trip to Aden

BBC journalist Orla Guerin filed a video report and tweeted photos from a 21-hour boat trip and visit to an Aden hospital, the reverse of the evacuation route via which thousands have left Yemen in recent weeks.

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