Sala del Dottorato, Perugia, #IJF16, photo: Marina Petrillo in Perugia: The videos

Marina Petrillo
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2 min readApr 12, 2016

The 10th edition of the International Journalism Festival in Perugia was a great opportunity to discuss ideas with reporters, curators, photographers, academics, filmmakers, human rights workers and tech experts, and also to meet some of our heroes and get to know some of you in person. Thanks to on-demand videos of the Festival, you can now enjoy the discussion as much as we did.

Making secondary trauma a primary issue: Understanding the impact of vicarious trauma in newsrooms

with Sam Dubberley, Sue Llewellyn, Gavin Rees, Kate Riley and’s Andy Carvin:

The responsibility of reporting graphic imagery: Ideas for protecting yourself and your audience

with Claire Wardle and’s Andy Carvin

Covering violence: Psychological injury, resilience and self-care

with Salam Khoder, Lath Mushtaq, Gavin Rees, Laura Silvia Battaglia and’s Andy Carvin

Fail better: The journalist’s guide to screwing up

with Mark Little, George Brock and’s Andy Carvin

The case for engaged journalism

with Mary Hamilton, Larry Macaulay, Josh Stearns and’s Malachy Browne

Yemen: The silent war

with Laura Silvia Battaglia, Iona Craig, Abdourahman Hussain, Sarah Ishaq and’s Malachy Browne

Undertaking open source investigations

with An Xiao Mina and’s Malachy Browne

What does it mean to protect an eyewitness in the social media age?

with Fergus Bell, Sue Llelewyn, Josh Stearns and’s Malachy Browne.

Captured news media: The case of Turkey

with Baris Altintas, Murat Coban, Canan Coskun, Kadri Gursel, Rachael Jolley and’s Marina Petrillo

Media freedom and the war on terror: The amazing shrinking space

with Peter Greste and’s Marina Petrillo



Marina Petrillo
the team

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