Terrorism has no religion

Tens of thousands of people marched against terrorism in the streets of Tunis on Sunday, March 29, marking the end of World Social Forum 2015.

A mother wrapped in the Tunisian flag, at the march against terrorism. (Photo: Sabrina Belkhouja/Demotix)
Tens of thousands of Tunisians marched from Bab Saadoun Square to Bardo in Tunis to protest against terrorism. On March 18, militants attacked the national Bardo museum and killed 21 tourists. (Photo: Chedly Ben Ibrahim/Demotix)
The march against terrorism with a slogan “I am Bardo — and we will win.” (Photo: Sabrina Belkhouja/Demotix)
The police union participated in the march against terrorism. (Photo: Sabrina Belkhouja/Demotix)
A Tunisian making a selfie with a policeman. (Photo: Sabrina Belkhouja/Demotix)
The march against terrorism. (Photo: Sabrina Belkhouja/Demotix)
Amel Dachraoui Chaherli, a Tunisian politician, with her daughter. (Photo: Sabrina Belkhouja/Demotix)
An Italian female tourist holds a placard which reads “No to terrorism” as she takes part in a rally held in Bardo Square, near the Tunisian parliament. (Photo: Chedly Ben Ibrahim/Demotix)
Parents of Nadhir Ktari, the Tunisian photographer and cameraman who was taken hostage by terrorists in Libya in early September 2014, along with journalist Souphiene Chourabi. (Photo: Sabrina Belkhouja/Demotix)
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