Gender movie Girl opens Ghent Film Festival

Belgian director Lukas Dhont has presented his award winning film Girl at the Film Festival in Ghent. The story is based on a real life transgender girl who fight against her biological issues and has a huge willingness of becoming a ballerina.

Victor Polster is Lara in the gendermovie Girl. (Photo: IMDB)

The 45th edition of the Ghent Film Festival in Belgium opens with Girl, a multiple Cannes award winner (one of the prices was the Queer Palm). Lukas Dhont, director, has based his film upon 15 year-old transgender girl Nora’s life story. The filmmaker read about her in a newspaper and since that moment he felt related and discovered that he wanted to use the struggle between femininity and masculinity as a movie topic. As he said: “It’s something we need to talk about more”.

“It took me a very long time to accept myself and the femininity in me”, Dhont said, which shows that the inner conflicts between the genders has been an important topic all his life. Lara’s experience (Nora’s character in the film) can be helpful to all of teenagers that are still looking for their own identities. Victor Polster, the actor who plays Lara, also struggled with those feelings as a baller dancer himself. Dhont and the producers were completely sure about him since the first moment. They all looked at each other when Polster appeared and was thought “this looks like recognition”.

The film will be released on the 17th of October in Belgium. In Spain it already has been released on the 28th of September and was well received at the San Sebastian Film Festival.