Retired policeman confessed to be the Brabant Killers’ Giant

The 30-year old Belgian mystery about the Nivelles Gang might finally get revealed. A string of robberies, in which 28 people lost their lifes was performed by the Brabant Killers Gang, called “Bende van Nijvel” in the early 1980s. The confession of a former policeman brings new aspects into the investigations, so that hopefully the case could properly be solved.

A former policeman in Aalst near Brussels, confessed to his brother as he laid dying that he was “The Giant”. That was the name of the tall suspected ringleader of the gang. Last weekend, after two years, in silence, the brother told the police about the admission.

Now the investigation has started again, it has to be proved that this information is right. As far as the judicial authorities can say at the present “there are indications” but “there is no hard evidence yet.”

Other members of the gang called “the Killer” and “The old man”, could maybe also get unveiled, if the information is right. Hopefully this horrendous case can be solved after such a long time of investigations and uncertainty.