Gin floods the streets of Hasselt

During the third weekend of October the city of Hasselt is traditionally celebrating the Jenever (Gin) Festival. The capital of Flanders’ easternmost province Limburg celebrates this festivity with many activities for all ages, from children to adults.

The festival has an assorted program with a multitude of activities and events around the city center. The events can be enjoyed from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening, including music and dancing activities, food, art exhibitions and, of course, the alcoholic beverage as the main highlight of traditional festivities.

The visitors can choose between cultural options such as the exhibition Jenever on canvas: the choice for active conservation in the Jenever Museum. If the city of Bruges has a French (or Belgian) fries museum, Hasselt has the Jenever Museum, where tourists are able to observe the process of elaboration until the labelling of the bottle. Also, visitors listen to a lot of musical bands all around the city and children have activities especially designed for them.

This festival is a good opportunity to taste a wide range of jenevers with different flavours and feel everything that Hasselt´s typical drink can offer to its visitors, even seeing how a fountain turns its water into gin.