“This is not a victory on so many levels” first-hand report from Elana Meta Jaroff from Standing Rock after easement denial.

Image by Elana Meta Jaroff from Standing Rock. More images here.

“While people post about celebrating that the Army Corps of Engineers declined the certificate of easement for the pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners laugh, and are going to drill anyway.

Everything about yesterday at Standing Rock felt very fishy and off. After the “victory”, people were shouting for joy, playing drums and celebrating around the fire. I smiled, but couldn’t drop into the feeling that seemed to percolate the sacred fire. Of course, all the top news reporters show up for ONE day and leave, letting the world know, “Hey everyone, it’s over, the pipeline is declined and we can go home!” When in fact, it just got more intense. “They will explore alternative routes for the pipeline.” this does not mean that the project cannot simply be built under the original, contested route under a Trump administration.

The narrative now changes, right? People are not aware of the response of defiant pipeline builders who are over ruling the easement. Let’s get clear here and share this because I have people messaging me saying, “Congratulations, you won!” or “It’s over, way to go!” or… “Hey, I was going to raise money for Standing Rock but now there’s no point, right?”

First of, this is NOT a victory on SOOO many levels.

One, it will never be My victory as long as we are here on native lands. Everyone here is in service to the Native American treaties and to support the removal of suppression and genocide acts. It is their battle & we’ve been invited, which is why it’s been successful as peaceful water protectors and not protesters.

Two, this is one battle in a WAR that is not near over. This is a human rights issue and what we’re experiencing is money and large corporations overruling the safety and rights of all people. This decline of easement for the pipeline is a huge step in the right direction and also, doesn’t it all seem a little weird that there was so much hype to now have an entirely different message the next day and there won’t be much news about it?

We’re dealing with a black snake here. Being here at Standing Rock, I have seen so much beauty and yet, I’ve never seen the world darker than I do right now. Please LISTEN to the full story. Know both sides and understand that there is NO WAY we’re done here at Standing Rock. Elders, families and people from around the world intend to stay through the winter and we need everyone to continue to push for this message.

If we celebrate and think Standing Rock is behind us, we’re falling into the tricks of the system. See it bigger. I am soo passionate about this. Please be aware of the distractions and everything you hear on large media networks that are in fact OWNED by the oil companies. From where I see it, it is VERY dark.

Please share. Keep the message alive. WATER IS LIFE. Our native brothers and sisters need our support. They have held these truths for us so we can all return home. Stay strong in this conversation so we can continue here at Standing Rock and all other snakes around the world. #NoDAPL


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