“Veterans we need to link up and move that barricade” first-hand report from veteran Miguel Angel at Standing Rock

“Update from ground zero.. Oooh baby it’s COLD outside!! Roads are closed and flights have been canceled here in Bismark, ND. I plan to make it back down to Standing Rock to deliver the remaining food and supplies to Sacred Stone Camp. Dozens of vehicles got stuck out in the blizzard yesterday and I don’t even know if we can travel today. By the looks of things, it’s only getting colder! Please send your Warm Loving energy to this area! Prayers for everyone’s safety!

Folks, this war isn’t over yet! I feel that NDAPL is going to continue to drill once the weather subsides. They are merely going to accept the fine or find a loophole and push their multi million dollar project forward. We haven’t won anything!

They are waiting for the Veterans to leave and for the winter to weaken us. We need to send more reinforcements! We need carpenters and construction crews to volunteer to build winter infrastructure! Please let all donations and help be focused on winterizing camp with SOLID structures and heating elements! The kitchens have reported that we have an Over Abundance of food.. Do not send anymore food *at this time*. We have plenty of food to last through Christmas for now. We need infrastructure! I am here until Friday and then I must come home to finish my work and duties.

Veterans we need to link up and MOVE THAT BARRICADE from the bridge soon! Let’s gather a team of dedicated warriors and move those Concrete dividers before we go home. Please spread the word, we need to take ACTION while the Police are gone and take back this land and the construction sights. Let’s Go people.. We have Momentum right now and we need to Ride this Horse to a greater Vantage Point! Do not go home before we take more Action.. We have an advantage right now and we need a good solid Strategy! Get the word out y’all. Power to the Powerful!

I’m your Huckleberry..

- Miguel Angel”

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