Reposite Raises $2.5M to Help the Travel Industry Rebound Stronger Than Ever

Jaime Getto
Dec 1, 2020 · 2 min read
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Today, we are thrilled to announce a $2.5M funding round led by Liberty City Ventures.

The seed funding adds to existing investment by Greycroft, Pritzker, and Raine, and will allow our team to scale Reposite’s product offering for a $352 billion industry, and our existing user base that includes multi-billion dollar travel organizations and suppliers like Madison Square Garden, MoMA, Guggenheim Museum, American Museum of Natural History, The Hyatt, and more.

Our team of Vettery and Nowaday alums founded Reposite to offer a no-cost database that is tailor-made to fit the travel industry’s needs. As hospitality veterans, our team saw an industry devastated by the pandemic and quickly identified an opportunity to provide stability and growth for travel professionals and suppliers.

We know how challenging day-to-day operations are for travel professionals, even without a global pandemic. With Reposite, we remove all of the manual work so our users are well-positioned to focus on what they are best at — nurturing their client relationships and crafting incredible travel experiences.

“We’ve seen innovation transform industries, boost productivity, and accelerate efficiency. Reposite has the proven team and an incredible product to bring that expertise and value to the travel industry, which is ripe for tremendous innovation,” Liberty City Ventures Partner Emil Woods notes.

The platform works as a database that allows travel professionals to manage suppliers and clients, track proposals, and better manage their business. Key features include a searchable database of suppliers, tracking of key documents, renewals, payment processing, and custom quotes via in-app messaging. This month, we will be releasing a new Discovery feature allowing travel professionals and suppliers alike to search for and form new partnerships, ultimately leading to additional business opportunities.

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The all-in-one workspace to power the travel trade

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