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Job Description: Student Researchers

Applications are now closed for this position. Those who have applied will hear from the Representations team before the end of June 2021.

Help the Representations team develop a new, Open Education Resource textbook that highlights the vital contributions of Black anthropologists, Indigenous anthropologists, and anthropologists of color. This new textbook will be based on the publication, Representations.

Job Description

We are hiring a team of Student Researchers to write the articles necessary to compose this new, inter-disciplinary anthropology textbook. Student Researchers will be paid $50 to write 1 article. Each student researcher must:

  • Work closely with an assigned mentor (a professional anthropologist).
  • Complete the mandatory orientation with Dr. Irma McClaurin on August 6th, 2021 at 10:30am PST

Student Researchers will be paid $50 to write 1 article throughout July and August 2021 (there may be an opportunity to write more at a later time):

  • Each article will focus on the ideas, accomplishments, and vital contributions of one anthropologist who is Black, Indigenous, or a person of color
  • Each article topic must first be approved by your mentor, submit your ideas on this Google Form; alert your mentor as soon as you have submitted a new proposal so that they can review it
  • Each article should be 1–2 pages in length
  • Drafts must be submitted to your mentor before August 31st

Payment and Compensation

  • Student Researchers will receive $50 in exchange for 1 article (we are grant-funded)
  • Edited articles will be posted on Medium (they will not be eligible to earn income through Medium’s paywall)
  • Articles will be edited by a group of professional anthropologists and transformed into a new OER textbook (no royalties or copyright are available for student researchers, editors, mentors, or authors)

Writing Guidelines

Each article must closely follow the structure outlined in our Call For Submissions. And, each article must follow the guidelines from the CSU’s Diversity/Inclusivity Style Guide.

Proposed Topics

We strongly encourage our Student Researchers to help us identify more anthropologists to include in this project. Please send your ideas to Amanda Zunner-Keating at

Additionally, the following anthropologists are still available to be researched; if you’d like to claim one of these topics then please submit your proposal on this Google Form.

  • Whitney Battle-Baptiste
  • Tēvita O. Kaʻili
  • Clea Koff
  • Philomena Essed
  • Manet Fowler
  • Faye V. Harrison
  • Ira V. Harrison
  • Maxine Letcher Nimtz
  • Erica Lorraine Williams
  • Dr Peggy Brunache
  • Audrey Smedley
  • Marilyn Thomas-Houston
  • Dr. Alexandra Jones
  • Bertha Parker Pallan
  • Patricia Fernandez-Kelly
  • Angela Gillian
  • Aihwa Ong
  • Cheryl Rodriguez
  • Claudia Mirchell-Kernan
  • Ellen Irene Diggs
  • Kimberly Eison-Simmons
  • David Simmons
  • Paulla Ebron
  • Carolyn Martin Shaw
  • Karla Slocum
  • Cheryl Mwaria
  • A. Lynn Bolles
  • Adrienne Andrews
  • Yvonne Daniels (dance anthropology)
  • Kamari Clark
  • Lila Abu-Lughod
  • Lamia Al-Gailani
  • Gloria Wekker
  • France Winddance-Twine
  • Helina Woldekinos
  • Ayana Flewellen
  • Debora Heard
  • Alicia Odewale
  • Phoebe Stubblefield
  • Maxine Downs
  • Jackson Njau
  • Nomawethu Hlazo
  • Kimberleigh Tommy
  • Silindokuhle Mavuso
  • Hugh Smythe
  • Laurence Foster
  • William Shedrick Willis
  • Allison Davis
  • William Montague Cobb
  • William A. Shack
  • Elliot Skinner
  • Arthur K Spears
  • Damien Sojoyner
  • George Clement Bond
  • Oliver Osborne
  • Anselme Remy
  • Michael L Blakely
  • Stephen DeBerry
  • Yolanda Moses
  • Enoch Page
  • Anna Tsing
  • Sheela Athreya
  • Sang-Hee Lee
  • Rachel R. Chapman
  • Riché J. Daniel Barnes
  • Bianca C. Williams
  • Dada Dacot
  • Holly Okonkwo
  • Erik Otárola-Castillo
  • Augustine Agwuele
  • Rachel Watkins




“Representations” is a project designed to bring the perspectives of a wider variety of groups to the forefront of the anthropology classroom. Our name reflects our goals: to improve representation in the curriculum and to elevate the cultural representation of more groups.

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