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Sep 17 · 2 min read

Lucia has superpowers. Her X-ray vision lets her peer through the sturdiest of walls to see what’s going on inside. She can travel through time and tell you, down to the last detail, what the future holds in store. She has supersonic speed that leaves Superman in the dust and, most impressively, she can even use her powers to read your mind.

But Lucia isn´t the only one who possesses these incredible superpowers. The power of Artificial Intelligence may seem like it’s been plucked from the pages of science fiction but the truth is that it’s increasingly available to each and every one of us.

AI is one of the most powerful tools that humanity has ever created and one that we can harness to our benefit. For instance, Repsol can now monitor its industrial installations using infrared images, heat, volumetry and more thanks to AI technology. You might say it´s akin to having X-ray vision.

AI also lets us predict and anticipate thousands of potential future scenarios, an ability which essentially lets us see into the future.

In terms of supersonic speed, Artificial Intelligence lets us perform complex analyses involving dozens of sources and variables in mere minutes, a process that not long ago would have taken hours.

AI even gives us a sort of “telepathy” that lets Repsol assist its professionals anywhere in the world in real-time, a boon for working teams that makes their lives easier. The AI-based tech behind IoT (Internet of Things) also gives us an extrasensory ability to “feel” what´s happening to our machines and in almost any environment.

But these new “superpowers” are just the first step. According to Juan José Casado, Director of our Data & Analytics Hub, “all of our processes are likely to be improved and optimized using Artificial Intelligence — it´s a tool that has created new opportunities and capabilities and every day our professionals are more aware of the tremendous impact it can have in their day-to-day work.”

In fact, the greatest challenge is realizing that these incredible superpowers are within our reach. After all, they´re not for Lucia. They´re also for Marcos, Julia, Laura, José, Alberto…even you!

“With great power comes great responsibility”

As the Peter Parker principle famously states, “with great power there must also come — great responsibility.” That responsibility rests solely on human beings. Humans are they´re the ones that define AI´s objectives, choose the most appropriate technology for each situation and align it with current strategic objectives.

In our case at Repsol, we feel that Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are our best allies to develop new solutions for the world of energy and mobility.

So what new superpower will AI give Lucia (and you) tomorrow? Stay tuned….



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The energy you need. Stories about digital transformation powered by people

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