What is Proof of Love?

May 3 · 4 min read

Introducing Proof of Love: A community incentive event for Blockswap Network

What is Blockswap?

Blockswap Network is on a mission to build a suite of products that makes the benefits of staking accessible to everyone as a stable yield source. The two flagship products of Blockswap Network is OpenSaver and StakeHouse. OpenSaver is a fixed income product that provides a stable yield backed by an algorithmic Proof of Stake (PoS) bond index. StakeHouse is a unique automated market maker (AMM) for staked PoS asset liquidity, which is fully autonomous and on-chain.

Blockswap is currently in their CommunityNet phase, which can be treated like a testnet, before they launch their mainnet. Republic is working closely with the Blockswap team and is extending Blockswap’s Proof of Love campaign to the Republic community.

What is Proof of Love?

Currently Proof of Stake technology is still very early and the user experience for users to stake assets is too technical for most people to take part. Blockswap is committed to expanding the accessibility of Proof of Stake yield to everyone.

Proof of Love is a limited time event where Blockswap community members are able to invite friends and fellow blockchain enthusiasts to join the Blockswap family in order to receive CommunityNet tokens. These tokens will have exclusive access to BSN betanet products in a simulated environment — consider it a playground. The end goal of this is to provide as many people with CommunityNet tokens so that they will be able to participate and learn about Blockswap Network’s suite of products in a testnet environment.

Source: Blockswap

Who is eligible to participate in Proof of Love?

Anyone is eligible to participate in this event! We want as many people to have access to Blockswap Network as possible.

When does the program start and end?

Proof of Love starts today and will continue until May 31st.

Is there any more information?

You can take a look at Blockswap Network’s medium for more info. This post is particularly helpful for CommunityNet token economics.

Here’s how you participate:

Step 1: Join the Republic Discord here where the Republic team will provide a link to a form that outlines all the tasks necessary to receive a Complimentary NFT giving access into the StakeHouse Game

Step 2: Fill out all 4 steps on the aforementioned form and submit by May 31st.

Step 3: Verified users shall receive an exclusive access NFT, which they can use to gain access into StakeHouse game starting in May and be eligible to receive cBSN staking rewards.

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If you have further questions, please reach out to us via:

Telegram: https://t.me/bsnchat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Blockswap_team

Website: https://www.blockswap.network/

Medium: https://blockswap-network.medium.com/

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