Republic of Coders Meets World. All about Us

In a nutshell: community of coders worldwide. Our projects include:,,,, && YAPC::EUROPE 2016. More to come, promise, just stay tuned!

Formed: 2015, though first steps towards forming communities && encouraging knowledge sharing have been made in 2012, once with the launching of our local Perl group, Cluj.PM.

Republic of Coders delivers projects in order to grow technical communities, encourage use of technology in daily business operations, enable knowledge sharing among members of communities and help IT enthusiasts enter and progress in software development & technical education and careers.

Our projects. A short introduction:

Cluj.PM is the community of Perl developers in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, also known as The Perl Counts of Transylvania. We were born on March the 2nd 2012, and our “godfather” is none other than the well-known mst, as he was our very first guest speaker, introducing our community into perl mongership & what does it mean to be part of the worldwide Perl family. Attracting new people to the community is a permanent goal of ours, and the fact that at the latest event 35% of the attendees were newbies is a success story. Also, a particular thing is that managed to attract a lot of female members, and quite a bunch of them gave talks at our events. (Maybe it was because of the cake we’ve promised them, but we’re never going to know the truth, are we?).

So, in a nutshell:

· Organizers of the biggest Perl conference in Romania

· A bunch of geeks who know Perl and are not afraid to use it

· We meet and have fun presenting and debating awesome tech topics.

helloJS — we’ve been thinking about a series of technical events for the JavaScript Community, so helloJS was born: community events powered by our passion for JavaScript. We said hello to JS once with the launching of our very first event, on February 18 && 19, 2016, in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Among our amazing speakers, we had Tom Dale, the genius behind Ember.js, Gautam Arora (Conde Nast), Emil Tamas (Moqups), Zahra Jabini (, Liran Tal, Andrei Cacio, Roman Mašek, Robert Onodi, Alex Moldovan, Andrei Rusu, Catalin Pintea, Andrei Canta, Paul Brie, Radu Brehar, Julian Pădurariu && Dhyan Or . We aim at making helloJS one of the most sought after JavaScript events in Europe & make Cluj the JS & IoT powerhouse of Europe && we’re already looking forward to the 2017 edition of helloJS. is a fresh platform where the goal is to bring Node startups & companies into the spotlight. We strongly believe that in order to kick-start & grow the community we have to attract fresh talent and we need to promote the success stories of Node.JS.

We believe will serve the community by:

· Creating a showcase with startups that are developed in Node as the main technology

· Creating a showcase with existing companies that are developed in Node as the main technology

· Encouraging the conversation in the Node community by presenting ideas, product designs and business cases

· Inspiring Node developers to approach “the startup road”

· Raising awareness for the Node programming language as a good fit for startups, companies or other cool new projects brings Perl startups & companies into the spotlight, it creates a showcase with existing startups & companies developed in Perl as the main technology. We want BuiltInPerl to be a place of inspiration for current & future Perl entrepreneurs. BuiltInPerl raises awareness for the Perl programming language as a good fit for startups or other cool new projects && encourages the conversation in the Perl community, it’s a place for presenting ideas, product designs and business cases.

PearlBee is a blogging platform, available on GitHub. PearlBee is a great option if you want simplicity, but also need the versatility of a traditional blog. It has the straightforward features you’d expect in a blogging platform, as well as a simple way to customize the look & feel of your blog. And it’s OPEN SOURCE. Open source solutions favor software reliability and quality by supporting independent peer review, collaboration and rapid evolution of source code. PearlBee leverages the outstanding virtues of Perl programming language. If you need a blogging platform that’s fast, reliable and secure, then PearlBee is your choice.

YAPC::EUROPE 2016 — ‘YAPC’ stands for ‘Yet Another Perl Conference’. The YAPC conferences are annual events, organised by geographic region. In Europe, a different host city is selected each year by the Venue Committee. The organizing team often assigns a theme to the conference. The theme loosely groups presentations and sponsors, but doesn’t limit the content. Of course, the real unifying theme of all the conferences is Perl.

We managed to bring the 2016 Edition to Cluj && we’re looking forward to converting Cluj-Napoca to the capital on Perl for 3 amazing days, starting August 24th, 2016. Hope to see you among the attendees!

For more details on our projects, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.