Pennsylvania — The State that Flipped Red

Lindsey Scott is a non-profit Program Specialist for the Intellectually Disabled, a veteran of OIF, and a new mother.

My name is Lindsey Scott, and I am a Republican — but more importantly, I’m a veteran, mother, wife, and a proud advocate for people with mental health and intellectual disabilities. Those things are what I do –and they hopefully define my character. However, I’m finding more and more that the term “Republican” can no longer define me. After this election, I feel that the term “Republican” needs to be taken back and redefined by people like me. Like-minded, strong-willed women like myself made the decision to defy our role in our party-in the hopes to make change and reach for something better. We are better than the current state of our party.

This isn’t my party. These aren’t my values. We should have common sense policies and leaders in place who believe the role of government is to take care of our veterans, our addicted, our alliances, and our planet. Ideas that we can support don’t always have to be partisan.

Rather than stay focused on the hot-button issue or tweet of the moment, I’m looking to find people like myself locally in order to help bring real change to our own community.

Let’s elect local school board members who spend who respect their budgets and advocate for structural change while proposing solutions.

Let’s recognize the urgent need for technical and community colleges in our area — we need low-cost, higher education in manufacturing technologies. We need an educated workforce that can survive technological upheaval and allow our corporations to compete globally. We need businesses to stay in their hometowns, as well as that educated workforce, to bring prosperity and opportunities home. “Brain Drain” could permanently destroy what used to be our most vibrant communities.

Pensions, prison profiteering, the heroin epidemic, a sick and aging population are the immediate problems, but Republicans keep wasting time and money bringing restrictive anti-choice legislation up, over and over and over again.

Always playing defense has won the current state of Republicans a slew of elections — but there are still elected officials out there voting against suggested changes that can improve our communities and stay true to our Republican ideas. This state, this town, has real problems that need real solutions. Our local representatives, our local executives, need more heavily vetted and held accountable, ensuring that politicians understand the challenges our communities face, and what policies they support to fix them. We need to hold them accountable to fixing those issues with the solutions they proposed.

I want to be a part of bringing a message of change to the Republican Party nationally, as I will do with my position on the Board of Directors to Republican Women for Progress. I will continue to represent the state of Pennsylvania because I feel like this movement isn’t limited to a national scope; it can and should be felt in our own hometowns. We can change the face of our local government by fostering intellectual integrity and demanding that our school boards and state representatives prioritize real issues, rather than blow smoke, collect a check, and vote no.

The Republican Party rode our anger like a vehicle into government jobs, and we now hold majorities in state legislatures, governor-ships, Congress and the White House. It is up to us to change that powerful party from the inside, change our representatives one by one, and hold them accountable.

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