Republican Women to Watch on St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17, people will turn out across the country to support their choices for not only the Office of the President, but also for their Congressional districts. There are a number of Republican women running today across the country — you can see the complete list by state here. As people head to the polls, Republican Women for Progress would like to highlight a few of the new Republican women running for office on traditional small government platforms.


Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee (IL-10)

Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee, a first generation college student and self-made businesswoman, has lived the American Dream and wants to create opportunities for future generations to do the same. She prioritizes new job development, improved educational outcomes, and a reduced tax burden to grow opportunities for constituents in IL-10.

Esther Joy King (IL-17)

Esther Joy King is a former foreign aid worker who developed her passion for democracy and human rights into a career with the U.S. Army Reserve as a member of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. She focuses on economic development and understands that government practices need to change in order to better the lives of those in IL-17.


Amy Pope Wells (FL- 3)

Amy Pope Wells is a critical care nurse who runs a small business with her husband. As the former chairwoman of the local Chamber of Commerce, she understands the local economy and what opportunities look like for the citizens of FL-3.

Vennia Francois (FL-7)

Vennia Francois is a first-generation Bahamian-American who earned her law degree and served as an attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Francois understands what it takes to build pragmatic, workable solutions for the challenges FL-7 faces.

Amanda Makki (FL-13)

Amanda Makki is a first-generation Iranian-American, whose parents fled Iran when she was a child. Makki understands the importance of individual liberty and freedom as a result of this experience. Makki was appointed by the George W. Bush Administration to serve as the General Counsel of the Army at the Pentagon and went on to serve as senior advisor to the House of Representatives and Senate.

Maria Elvira Salazar (FL-27)

Maria Elvira Salazar is a first generation Cuban American, whose parents left Cuba under the Castro regime. During her decades-long career as a journalist, Maria worked to promote freedom by covering the corruption of socialist regimes in South America. Maria believes in freedom and economic opportunity, and knows first hand that socialist policies are not the way forward for America or FL-27.



Republican Women for Progress (RWFP) is a grassroots policy organization providing a voice to Republican women through thought leadership, connecting women on the state and national level, and serving as a clearinghouse for educational and training opportunities.

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