Women to Watch: Morgan Murtaugh, Candidate for California’s 53rd District

This profile is part of Republican Women for Progress’ Women to Watch series, which highlights Republican women running for office in 2018 who are committed to working through the legislative process in a bipartisan way in order to create effective policy at the local, state, and national levels.

Morgan Murtaugh, Candidate for CA-53 (Photo credit: Morgan Murtaugh for Congress Facebook page)

Morgan Murtaugh is a first-time candidate seeking to represent California’s 53rd District in Congress. At only 25 years old, Murtaugh is one of the younger candidates seeking office in 2018. A graduate of The George Washington University, Murtaugh is no stranger to politics, having been involved in College Republicans and holding jobs on Capitol Hill during her time in Washington, DC.

Murtaugh has recently gained some national buzz for her unorthodox approach to canvassing around San Diego. In addition to the traditional canvassing, Murtaugh delivers food via Postmates, attends tailgates, and participates in karaoke hoping to connect with the people of San Diego in a way only a millennial can.

A traditional conservative, Murtaugh’s platform incorporates the standard set of issues including protecting individual liberty and the First and Second Amendments, keeping taxes low, lowering government spending, securing our nation’s borders and advocating for a strong national defense. As a millennial, her platform also includes stances on legalizing marijuana (she’s all for states’ rights and legalization), protecting the environment (she advocates for clean air, water and sustainability) and cybersecurity (she wants to make sure the U.S. is ahead of the game on cyber threats).

After graduating from The George Washington University, Murtaugh moved back to San Diego to pursue a career in journalism. She was most recently a political commentator for One America. In a recent piece in the Washington Examiner, Murtaugh expressed that she hopes to begin a movement of more millennials running for office.

To learn more about Morgan Murtaugh and her platform, visit her website.

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