Q: What is the hardcap and what is the total token supply?

A: 35,000 ETH (hard cap) was raised for 60.2% of our REN tokens. There is a total supply of 1 billion REN tokens.

Q: What was the price of the REN token in your ICO?

A: The price of REN to ETH is fixed, where 1ETH = 17,200REN

Q: When will you be listed on exchanges?

A: The team strictly cannot comment on exchanges unless it was previously publicly announced information. Refer to our announcement channel https://t.me/republicprotocolannouncements for official news.

Tokens have been transferable since February 17th, 2018.

Q: I’m interested in running a node in the dark pool network, how much needs to be staked and how does it work?

A: To run a node a ‘bond’ must be staked to prevent against bad actors. This amount will be 100,000 REN. This amount is indicative of the mainnet requirement but amount will only be 100% confirmed once testing/feedback from the testnet period is complete.

Rewards are paid to the nodes in the form of fees paid by the traders for the work done matching orders. See https://medium.com/republicprotocol/general-technical-faq-7b2dbaf0101b for more general explanation.

Extensive details will be released closer to the testnet launch — read introduction to nodes here: https://medium.com/republicprotocol/ren-collateralized-nodes-introduction-to-darknodes-566d7a5d2899

Q: What is the token distribution?


Token Distribution

Q: Where is your company based?

A: Republic Protocol is based in Singapore

Q: Where can I find more information on the team?

A: More information on the team can be found on linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/company/18186408/

Q: What is the vesting schedule for Team and Advisors REN tokens?

A: The advisor tokens will be vested for 6 months, 2 years vesting for the team.

Q: When is the ICO?

A: The ICO is over. It concluded on February 3rd, UTC 10:00am.

Q: How many people participated in the crowdsale? What were their allocations?

A: A total number of 4075 people participated in the crowdsale to have 5,000 ETH invested in exchange for 86,000,000 REN tokens.

Each participant had a maximum cap of 1 ETH for an allocated period before the crowdsale was concluded on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Q: How much was raised in the pre-sale?

A: 30,000ETH

Q: Why was your private pre-sale allocation so large?

A: We received overwhelming interest in our pre-sale with the most strategic investments prioritized that will most help Republic Protocol in its long term goals.

Q: What bonus did pre-sale participants receive? Is this bonus locked?

A: Pre-sale participants received between 0–15% bonus. This bonus is not locked.

Q: Was there any bonus for the main crowdsale participants?

A: No

Q: What stage of development is the project in and the future roadmap?

A: We have an internal testnet prototype with the Testnet for Bitcoin/Ethereum-based assets on track for testnet launch in Q2 2018, most likely in May.

Future roadmap can be found in our whitepaper at https://republicprotocol.github.io/whitepaper/republic-whitepaper.pdf

Follow our progress on Github at https://github.com/republicprotocol

Q: I’m interested in working on the Republic Protocol, how can I collaborate?

A: Republic Protocol is an open source project. More extensive documentation will be released once the protocol is more mature, which will explain all of the mechanics of the protocol in depth for developers. Requests for Comments and Pull Requests will also be able to be made on our github.

We are also always looking for developers, contact work@republicprotocol.com with your Github/Experience/links to past projects.

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