Bridging the gap between the DJ and his audience — RequestBox App

As this is our first blog post, I will start things off by introducing myself. My name is Bilal Soomro. I am a software engineer and one of the developers working on RequestBox. My team and I will spend time blogging our journey, as we cover various topics and experiences surrounding RequestBox, with the hope of improving the app.

So what is RequestBox?

In short, RequestBox is a mobile app that enables any DJ, club, radio station, party or person to receive song requests by opening a RequestBox. While also allowing guests to voice what kind of songs they want played, by voting on what requests they like or dislike.

To better understand this problem we’re trying to solve, I’ll give you a bit of a background on where this idea came from.

The idea came about during our time in University, as we realised on a night out how difficult it can be to get a request to the DJ. As well as how annoying it can be for the DJ. So we thought why not create an app that helps bridge the gap between the DJ and his guests. While also opening it to anyone wanting to host music, not just nightclubs, by wrapping it in a social network.

How does it work?

You open a RequestBox for your guests to drop their requests in. As the box accumulates requests, guests get to voice what kind of songs they want played, by voting on each others requests. All this being displayed in a hot/new filter (an in depth look at this feature is coming soon).

You also have the option to create a Spotify playlist for your RequestBox. Allowing you to choose which song requests to add directly into your Spotify playlist.

The social network elements include being able to follow different users and getting notified when they open a box. As well as being able to see each others activities (song requests, follows, upvotes, etc).

In summary, RequestBox makes music requests easy. If you haven’t given it a try yet, checkout the android version on the Google Play store. We also have an iOS version in the works and it will be available soon. Don’t hesitate to follow me on RequestBox as bilal_s.

That’s it for now. We’d love to hear some feedback on our current version though, as well as any suggestions you may have. You can find all our details on our website and google play store.

As always, stay tuned for our future blog posts. We plan on covering our current features in more detail as well as previewing unreleased features. Some really exciting stuff!