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Introducing Query Param Rule

Modification of query parameters is one of the most popular feature requests we have received after script execution feature. We are very excited to announce the release of QueryParam as a new rule type. If you are not able to see QueryParam rule type, please update your extension by following this guide. QueryParam rule can be used to perform the following modifications on a given url:

  1. RemoveAll parameters.
  2. Add parameter.
  3. Remove a specific parameter.


Example 1 — Add Parameter “c” when url contains “foo”

Add param “c” with value “3” when url contains “foo”

Example 2 — Remove All parameters and then add parameters “a” and “b” when url contains “example”


Q1. If I add a parameter by QueryParam rule and the same parameter already exists in the given url, will Requestly overwrite the parameter value ?
Ans: Yes, Requestly will overwrite the value present in the url to the value given in the rule. For example:

Rule Definition:
Url Contains
Add Param “a” Value “200”

When Requestly gets above query param rule definition and the request url is, then it will change the param value to 200 as per the rule and the new url will be

Q2. What is the difference between “Remove” and “RemoveAll” ?
Ans: RemoveAll will remove all the parameters while Remove will remove only provided parameter.

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Setup redirects, modify headers, query params, switch hosts, insert user scripts and much more by configuring rules in your browser with Requestly. Install it on Chrome and Firefox and join our family of more than 100K+ developers!

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Setup redirects, modify headers, switch hosts, insert user scripts and much more. Install it on Chrome & Firefox and join our family of more than 100,000 devs!