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Use your Preferred Search Engine

Often the Chrome browser on our computer is managed by our company and the default search engine cannot be changed. If you are conscious about your privacy and prefer a search engine that does not track you — then look no further than DuckDuckGo.

Using Requestly, a Chrome extension that allows you to mangle requests as they happen, we can configure rules that will make sure that any search query to Google is actually handled by DuckDuckGo in a privacy-first manner.

For this we will use the Redirect Requests rule type in Requestly.

We setup a wildcard that will match any google search query and instead re-write it to DuckDuckGo!

See it in action:

Get this Rule in 2 Clicks

  1. Install Requestly from Chrome Store
  2. Open
  3. Click Import List

That’s it! Hope it helps you & your colleagues. If you have any ideas that you want us to write about, you can share that with us on our Github Discussions page or drop us an email at



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