RRT* Path Finding Algorithm in Rerun

How to Visualize the RRT* Algorithm in a Simple Environment

Andreas Naoum
2 min readMay 15, 2024


RRT* Algorithm in Rerun | Image by Author

This tutorial focused on visualizing the path finding algorithm RRT* in a simple environment with Rerun.

If you’re eager to give it a try: Try it on the browser!

The algorithm finds a path between two points by randomly expanding a tree from the start point. After it has added a random edge to the tree it looks at nearby nodes to check if it’s faster to reach them through this new edge instead, and if so it changes the parent of these nodes. This ensures that the algorithm will converge to the optimal path given enough time.

Logging and visualizing with Rerun

All points are logged using the Points2D archetype, while the lines are logged using the LineStrips2D.

The visualizations in this example were created with the following Rerun code:


Starting point

rr.log("map/start", rr.Points2D([start_point], radii=0.02, colors=[[255, 255, 255, 255]]))

Destination point

rr.log("map/destination", rr.Points2D([end_point], radii=0.02, colors=[[255, 255, 0, 255]]))


rr.log("map/obstacles", rr.LineStrips2D(self.obstacles))

RRT tree


rr.log("map/tree/edges", rr.LineStrips2D(tree.segments(), radii=0.0005, colors=[0, 0, 255, 128]))

New edges

rr.log("map/new/new_edge", rr.LineStrips2D([(closest_node.pos, new_point)], colors=[color], radii=0.001))


rr.log("map/tree/vertices", rr.Points2D([node.pos for node in tree], radii=0.002), rr.AnyValues(cost=[float(node.cost) for node in tree]))

Close nodes

rr.log("map/new/close_nodes", rr.Points2D([node.pos for node in close_nodes]))

Closest node

rr.log("map/new/closest_node", rr.Points2D([closest_node.pos], radii=0.008))

Random points

rr.log("map/new/random_point", rr.Points2D([random_point], radii=0.008))

New points

rr.log("map/new/new_point", rr.Points2D([new_point], radii=0.008))


rr.log("map/path", rr.LineStrips2D(segments, radii=0.002, colors=[0, 255, 255, 255]))



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