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How to explain the role of AI to non-geeks

Vincent Andrearczyk
Jan 24 · 4 min read

‘Hi Siri, would you like to come into my house?’

Artificial intelligence is now a permanent resident of our very own private space and it is important to set the common terms of our relationship with AI. There is a lot of information available about scientific topics and focusing on the relevant information can be complex even for people that work on them.

There is no stupid question about AI. Taking the right decisions as a society is more important than ever and requires that each of us grasps the basics.

Imagine trying to explain the definition of Artificial Intelligence to your grandmother…pic credits: istockphoto

We are all curious but afraid of being perceived as stupid when asking questions. Also, you may not feel as the legitimate person to either master the topic or consider their level of knowledge about the topic. From previous life experience (e.g. at school) there can be traumatisms about certain topics (maths, computers). Artificial intelligence is also a frightening topic for most of us since it is related to the loss of control over our lives. Several movies and stories exemplified how AI can turn bad (e.g. The Terminator). But this can be a hook to attract interest !

A definition of Artificial intelligence describes it as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. How to translate this in simpler terms?

Imagine you are trying to explain what Artificial intelligence is to your grandmother. She will probably be biased about listening to her grandchild. So let’s take the grandmother of one of your friends (this should keep it unbiased). The best approach here would be using something that both of you know quite well, and use them as building blocks to explain a more complex idea.

“We work with computers. A computer is a kind of calculator that works with electricity and transforms everything we see in a combination of ones and zeros. Ones represent electricity on and zeros represent the electricity off. In this way, we can represent images, text and keep them stored in memory. Artificial intelligence takes care of making computers see, hear, speak and take decisions as humans would do. To do so, people in our field spend a lot of time writing instructions for the calculator”.

This is our recipe for explaining complex ideas:

  • Basic rules of popular science are general to most writing tasks. Know your audience, adapt your message and content to the reader. Present in a clear and attractive way.

Metaphors, however, can be misleading and the use of the “black box” term in the machine learning community refers to the difficulty to explain the predictions, it is not a rigorous definition.

Practice and feedback: Despite all your efforts, your explanation may be clear to you but not to others. Practice your speech with various people, let various people read and give you feedback for improving the readability.

So, do you want to give it a try? Use our formula to explain AI to your grandmother. If you fail, build an AI system to explain itself.

Thanks to all the authors that participated in writing this post Ojimzt, Mara Graziani, Oreiller Valentin, Adrien Depeursinge

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Sharing concepts, algorithms and research topics in our lab

Vincent Andrearczyk

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research at medgift

Sharing concepts, algorithms and research topics in our lab

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