Inflight Entertainment (IFE) Simulation App

Recording, filtering, & parsing server traffic for IFE systems


This project tasked me with designing new features into an app to be used by testers of hardware for IFE systems.

What I did

I conducted interviews with testers to better understand their workflow. As I iterated on the system, I conducted cognitive walkthroughs with the tests to validate my designs.

I also spent time with the developers who needed to use the app to build out a simulation script in order to automate the testing of the IFE systems.

What I found

Testers had to manually press all the potential paths an ender could take on each system. Tracking that was laborious and difficult to map.

IFE testing lab

The developers needed all possible paths to be mapped so that they can script a simulation that doesn’t require a tester to manually press buttons on each unit.

Tools and deliverables

  • Icons (designed in Gimp)
  • Xcode (app programmed in Objective-C for iOS)

My contribution

Since I came into this project as an intern and inherited the previous intern’s work, I focused on the task of making sure the tool functioned as desired. I had to pick up some bash scripting and learn how to leverage wireshark to obtain the traffic data that can be fed to the developers for their scripting.

I learned that no one asked the testers how they did their work and so I had to get their perspective before digging into the code. Interviews with a handful of testers gave me the insight I needed to understand the context of the project.

As I progressed through the app, I brought some of the developers to the testing floor to demonstrate the app and make sure it met their needs.