Research Plan

Jubbies Steinweh-Adler, Jasmin Kim, Joseph Kim, Maggie Ma

Research Question

How might the purpose of education be best served by a cultural shift to hybrid life?

We want to research and understand the core purpose of education to design for the future, instead of picking apart the current system we have in place.

Figma Board

Mapping out the complexity

We began by writing down our research question and the KWHL Table to guide our discussion. To better understand the complex question of “the purpose of education” and “academic hybrid life,” we mapped out all relevant interconnections: these nodes include biases, assumptions, personal worldview, and objective issues.

Purpose of Education

Our discussion regarding the purpose of education began with our answer to the question: growth. Then, we mapped out relevant information that answers questions like, what does it mean to grow? What does “growth” mean in an academic context? How does one grow? How do we measure growth?…

Academic Hybrid Life

We talked about our experiences and opinions on the current hybrid system to inform how it may look in the future. Our discussion encompassed anecdotes, questions of work-life balance, elitism, and more.

Current Learning Model

The diagram below represents the current learning model presented by Carnegie Mellon University Eberly Center. It showcases three nodes that need to work in harmony in order for genuine learning to occur. Without one, the other two does not function. However, we would like to challenge this learner-central model.

Rose, Thorn, Bud

We also plan on utilizing rose, thorn, bud further in our research process. It allows designers to quickly analyze data by revealing focus areas, allowing the team to plan their next steps for further evaluation and exploration in the design process. Because it’s such a versatile and flexible research method that allows every team member to participate, we can use it to evaluate the positives, negatives, and potentials of existing education systems, or even just to initiate conversation about our team dynamics. We can also utilize rose, thorn, and bud to evaluate our reformed education proposal to identify and address challenges, successes, and potential leverage points.




Assignment for research methods

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