Speed Dating Reflection

My method: Rapid Iterative testing and Evaluation(RITE)

Jasmin Kim
Research Methods 2021
2 min readFeb 10, 2021


Method: Eye-Tracking

Presenter: Zimmy

“Eye tracking is the method of gathering research on the visual activity of users when interacting with a product or interface.” I think this method can be used as a method of conducting the participants review during RITE feedback session. They are both quite compatible; While Eye-Tracking method requires related tech understanding for researchers, they also have to be well organized(recording results) since both methods are conducted in fast tempo. I would definitely use both methods in my group project as long as our group can afford eye-tracking technology parts and prototypes can be updated frequently(easily).

Method: Graffiti Wall

Presenter: Tate

“Graffiti walls allow researchers to understand informal opinions and remarks about a specific space by allowing users to add self-directed text or drawings to a publicly posted sheet, sometimes in response to a prompt or question.” I think this is not a best method to be used together with RITE because researchers usually hung up Graffiti wall for a week response while RITE is fast tempo repetitive feedback process(back-and-forth). There aren’t any prerequisites for their application together because it will not work well together but if it is used together, researchers should know possible barriers. I wouldn’t use these methods together unless RITE can be scheduled for a long term project.

Method: Competitive Testing

Presenter: Hayoon

“Competitive testing is a method where the process includes monitoring and analyzing competitor’s end products and methods.” Since her method is also fast-paced that requires a third company to give feedback, I think it will work well with RITE. Participants attending feedback sessions should not be bias and should be someone who is not familiar with the topic so that he or she can give proper(real customers’) reviews. I would use both research methods for my project’s usability testing whether it is a physical or digital product.